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Hi everyone!

This post is actually about two months overdue, but I kept putting it off in the hopes that I would feel inspired again. I haven’t updated this tumblr in a few months and before that, hadn’t been updating all that frequently.

While I still love Disney and adore concept art and appreciate everyone who followed and affiliated and contributed to this blog, I’ve found that I don’t have the passion needed to update this tumblr on a regular basis.

This is my official “~closure~” announcement — I say ~closure~ because I’m trying to make this post as not-serious as possible! I will still keep the tumblr up for posteriety, as I did end up posting almost 2,000 images (the bulk from my screencap collection) and I hope people will find it useful.: )

Thanks so very much to everyone who followed, and I’ll close with a link to the song that started my fascination with Disney concept art: If I Never Knew You.

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